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Everyday Porrada x Hyperfly Gi


Everyday Porrada x Hyperfly Gi

For this very special collaboration, we had the great honor and pleasure to work with one of the best Jiu Jitsu competitors of all time – Romulo Barral. The Gracie Barra black belt is not only an ADCC World Champion and multiple-time IBJJF World Champion, but also the leader of the Everyday Porrada movement.

In Romulo’s words:

“Everyday Porrada is the secret to everything you want in life. It’s the key to overcoming adversity. It means working, grinding, training every day to achieve your goal, your mission, your purpose in life – where intensity, discipline and a relentless work ethic become your way of life.”

With this mindset as our inspiration, we collaborated with Romulo Barral to create one of the finest gis we have ever made.



  • 550 gsm Pearl Weave
  • Double Diamond Weave skirt 
  • Right arm: Icon emblem
  • Left arm: Everyday Porrada Diamond emblem
  • Right skirt: Hyperfly color on color emblem
  • Left skirt: Everyday Porrada color on color Diamond emblem
  • Above skirt / backside: color on color Everyday Porrada emblem
  • Reinforced 7 inch - 15 black stitch twill layer, inside the sleeves for greater grip breaking
  • Traditional Judo back-seam for extra support 
  • "You Can't Teach Heart" print inside the jacket (left-side) 


  • 10 oz cotton twill
  • Everyday Porrada Diamond pattern emblem down both legs
  • Everyday Porrada woven label - left side
  • Reinforced 4 inch - 10 stitch twill layer, inside the cuff for greater grip breaking


Not pre-shrunk so it is recommended you wash cold and hang dry.

Due to the thick weave and heavy construction, loose threads may also appear after first wash.

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