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Judofly Gi


JudoFly GI

Our original JudoFly design was greatly inspired in traditional Judogis and how these served as forerunners to all modern Jiu Jitsu gis.

Just like its predecessor, this latest reimagining of the JudoFly gi is an homage to this connection between Judo and Jiu Jitsu — between tradition and innovation 
— all blended into one kimono.



  • 750 gsm Pearl Weave
  • Double Diamond Weave skirt 
  • Right arm: Hyperfly shield embroidery in Katakana
  • Left arm: Kodokan emblem embroidery 
  • Above skirt / left-side: color on color "You Can't Teach Heart" in Katakana
  • Reinforced 7 inch - 15 white stitch twill layer, inside the sleeves for greater grip breaking
  • Double Diamond Weave reinforcements on elbow areas 
  • Traditional Judo back-seam for extra support 
  • "You Can't Teach Heart" print inside the jacket (left-side)
  • Clam Shell cut


  • 12 oz cotton twill
  • Double Diamond Weave reinforcements on knee areas 
  • Reinforced 4 inch - 10 stitch twill layer, inside the cuff for greater grip breaking


  • Diamond Weave gi bag
  • Gi drawstrings matching gi pants


JudoFly Series gis fit larger than most other gis.  Additionally, due to the heavy weave it does not have a high shrink rate. If you are at the bottom of a size, we recommend you wear at least half-a-size down from what you normally wear (e.g. If normally A2, try A1L instead).

Not pre-shrunk so it is recommended you wash cold and hang dry.  

Due to the thick weave and heavy construction, loose threads may appear after first wash.

Not IBJJF legal.

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