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Sashiko Gi


Sashiko GI


Heavily inspired by traditional Japanese design, manufacturing, and processes, our newest addition to the Hyperfly gi collection bears the name Sashiko.

Sashiko, when translated, means using technique to strengthen a given situation. Specifically, a technique of transformation that honors the tradition of efficiency and conservation.

Sashiko, much like jiu-jitsu, is about staying mindful throughout the process.

In turn, these concepts are woven into this beautiful 550 gsm pearl weave gi. From the dying process, to the all tonal design, to the detailed inner lining, all elements of this kimono were chosen to create something that reflects the principle of Sashiko but with a slant toward the Brazilian, Japanese, and American spirts of modern jiu-jitsu.

The indigo die used to color the gi is a traditional dying practice used in Asia. The inside gi lining mimics a Japanese indigo pattern based on positivity, equilibrium and focus. The all tonal design mimics a traditional Japanese kimono where attention is driven to the piece overall, not the small details.

In the Sashiko gi, you will find a similar construction to our Judofly and Everyday Porrada gis; heavyweight, durable, and tough. The pants are also 10 oz twill with matching indigo dye.

The Hyperfly Sashiko Gi is as much a piece of art for the collection as it is a functional combat kimono ready to withstand the most grueling training sessions.


  • Not competition legal
  • Not pre-shrunk so it is recommended you wash cold and hang dry
  • Heavy duty unbleached canvas bag


  • 550 gsm Pearl Weave
  • Double Diamond Weave skirt 
  • Traditional Judo back-seam for extra support 
  • Reinforced 7 inch - 15 black stitch twill layer, inside the sleeves for greater grip breaking
  • Color: Indigo
  • Not competition legal


  • 10oz twill 
  • Color: Indigo
  • Not competition legal
Due to the thick weave and heavy construction, loose threads may also appear after first wash.


Not IBJJF legal.

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